Trenchmore Farm
Burnt House Lane
RH13 8DG
United Kingdom

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Dates are:

22nd & 23rd September, 10am-12pm
29th & 30th September, 10am-12pm
6th & 7th October, 10am-12pm
13th & 14th October, 10am-12pm

Please bring your apples in any container you have - bags, buckets or bowler hats will do - to Trenchmore Farm, Burnt House Lane, Cowfold, Sussex, RH13 8DG. They will be weighed in and you will be given a 330ml bottle of cider for every 5kg of apples.  

We can only accept apples that are ripe, clean, unbruised, unsprayed and grown in Sussex.

We would also ask that you don't bring us Bramleys this year - they have a habit of blocking the apple press.

Look forward to seeing you on the farm soon! 


If you want to find out more you can get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, we can be reached by email at rachel@trenchmore.co.uk or you can give us a call on 01403 864419

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