Welcome to Trenchmore Farm


We believe in good food, grown well.

We're mixed farmers growing beef, apples and grains - the cattle eat the grass and apple pomace, the straw from our wheat is used to bed the cattle, the cattle muck is spread on the fields to help improve the soils and feed the crops. A virtuous circle,  allowing us to improve the soils and grow more delicious, sustainable food. Including  28 day dry aged beef from our slow grown Sussex crossed Wagyu cattle, cider from our traditional cider apple orchard and heritage wheat, a mixed landrace grown from locally-sourced seeds.

We farm for flavour, and were delighted to have been a finalist for the Sustainable Food Made Good Supplier of the Year Award 2016 and winner of the Sussex Food and Drink Awards Farmers of the Year 2017.

Although we do not have a farm shop onsite, you are able to order our products through this website and arrange for delivery or collection. Alternatively, we like to support our local pubs, farm shops and cafes. A list of our Sussex stockist can be found here.


Trenchmore Beef

Our happy cattle are mostly grass fed, also enjoying some protein rich brewer’s grains from Two Tribes in Horsham, some pressed linseed cake from Flax Farm in Billingshurst and the occasional treat of apple pomace from our cider press.

We're using traditional methods with new research to produce consistent, succulent, slow grown, 28 day dry aged beef.

Silly Moo Cider

In our orchard we have around 1600 traditional cider apple trees from which we make Silly Moo Sussex Cider along with apples from the gardens of Sussex which our apple swappers bring in each Autumn.

Our cider is now available in bottles or unfiltered on draft.  Our latest batch is making its way to the bars and pubs of Sussex.

Heritage Wheat

This year we've experimented with heritage wheat, the first batch of which has just been stoneground.

If you'd like to try some local, interesting flour or our wheat grain berries which are surprisingly versatile and a great change from rice (with more protein and fibre) please get in touch.