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Trenchmore Heritage Wheat Berries 600g


Trenchmore Heritage is a mix of many heirloom varieties of wheat and is based on the landraces traditionally grown to suit the climate and soils of each farm.

Modern varieties have been bred to increase yield, which has reduced the density of nutrients and flavour and is often thought to be responsible for the growing intolerance to gluten. 

Trenchmore Heritage Wheat Berries are cleaned and then packaged - as close to unprocessed as you might like your food to be! These grains are packed with protein and fibre and perfect for salads, risottos and stews. They are happy to soak 1 - 12 hours to reduce cooking time, or just simmer for 1 hour. Delicious nutty flavour and satisfying bite. 

Awarded a Great Taste Award this year!

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