When life gives you apples…


…We swap them for cider

Every autumn we host an apple swap. This year’s dates are:

28th / 29th September - 10am-12pm

6th October - 12pm-4pm (Harvest Party)

12th / 13th October - 10am-12pm

19th / 20th October - 10am-12pm

Please read the below if you’re interested in taking part and email rachel@trenchmore.co.uk if you have any questions.

We love all types of apples no matter shape, size or container - bins, buckets or bowler hats will do.

The only exception to this are pesky Bramleys - we won't be able to take any Bramley apples this year as they are too acidic and block the filters on our apple press. We apologise if this is all you grow - they're not good for cider, but luckily
great for apple pie...

We ask that you make sure your apples are perfectly ripe - this is vital for making tasty cider. Over ripe apples will go bad in the bin and can spoil the cider with moulds.
Under ripe apples have too much starch which block our filters and won't ferment.

We don't spray our apples as we don't want nasties going into our cider - please only bring us unsprayed, clean and naturally delicious fruit.

Ugly fruit and small bruises are not a problem - anything you think is good enough to eat, is good enough for Silly Moo Cider.

We know that some of your trees will come into harvest before the swap. We don'tswap until our orchard is ready to pick, which tends to be later in the season. This is because the later ripening varieties tend to be better for cider than the earlier apples. We would ask that you don't pick your apples much in advance of swapping them. Apples left in damp and poorly ventilated containers will start to go bad and can ruin our cider by introducing nasty moulds.