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Heritage wheat 

We were told growing heritage wheat was like cultivating a different crop. The seed is based on the mixture of traditional wheat varieties (known as a landrace) that would have been grown in the past to suit the climate and soils of each farm.

Over the years our landrace will evolve, as some varieties thrive and others are less well suited to the Trenchmore terroir. As we discover further heritage wheat seeds we’ll add these too.

These heritage varieties are thought to be more nutrient dense and have better flavour than modern varieties, and according to BBC’s Gardener’s Question Time Matthew Wilson modern wheat breeding is responsible for the growing intolerance to gluten.

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Small batch stoneground for freshness. Our flour contains all the bran which is great for fibre, and wheatgerm which is full of vitamins and minerals from each seed. Wholewheat flour has no added preservatives and is best used fresh, but can be frozen. The wheat berries can be cooked as a local, high fibre alternative to rice and couscous or sprouted and eaten raw.

Trenchmore Heritage Flour and wheat berries are available at:

  • Charlotte's Cupboard, Sussex
  • South Downs Heritage Centre, Hassocks
  • Crates Local, Horsham
  • Bairds Farm Shop, Climping
  • Stansted Farm Shop, Rowlands Castle
  • Lodsworth Larder, Lodsworth
  • Amberley Village Stores, Amberley
  • Rushfields Plant Centre, Poynings 
  • New House Farm Shop, Horsham
  • Swains Farm Shop, Henfield
  • Jeremies Two, Cowfold
  • Cowdray Farm Shop, Midhurst
  • HiSbe, Brighton

Please get in touch if you would like any more information: