Recipe : Simon's Wheat Berry & Wild Mushroom Risotto

Another gorgeous wheat berry and mushroom risotto recipe, this time from our friend Simon who runs our fantastic local, The Crabtree. Thanks Simon!


TM Wheat Berries.jpg

Make the veg stock. Simmer until needed then drain:

Fresh Root Veg Peelings 350g

Dry Ceps 50g

2 Bay leaves

Bunch of thyme

Handful of parsley stalks

Large pan boiling water

In different pan, gently fry for 2 mins:

1 onion diced

2 tbsp Olive oil

30g butter

2 cloves grated garlic

Add and cook for 3 mins:

200g Trenchmore Wheat Berries

Add and then simmer for 20 mins:

100ml Bolney Bacchus white wine

500ml pea stock.

Stir in:

60g grated Twineham parmesan

1/4 lemon - juice and zest

50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500ml Veg Stock

In another saucepan, cover and cook high for 30 secs:

5g butter unsalted


50ml water

120g whole baby mushrooms

Add and cook for further 20 secs:

400g halved wild mushrooms

140g Fresh or frozen peas 

40g breakfast radish

40g Radish tops

40g spinach

Salt and pepper

Combine the risotto and veg


To serve, garnish with 15g blanched pea shoots and 20g shaved Twineham Parmesan